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The best way
to manage ticket sales and event check-ins.

Managing school events is a breeze! Our application can be used for the sale of event tickets, and facilitate the check-in process for almost any kind of event.

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Already using Ticketing 4 Schools?  Log in here.

Get Started Today.

Already using Ticketing 4 Schools?  Log in here.

Do away with paper tickets, wrist bands, and clip boards lists

Make life easier
  • Graphical display for all events
  • Fully searchable student database
  • Easy upload of names and pictures
  • Flexible, intuitive event setup
  • User-defined ticket prices
  • Instant attendance lookup
  • Can exclude students with no permission
  • Check in students very fast
  • Preload event with sales from other software
  • Export to .csv, or print reports
  • Can identify best attendees for spirit points
  • Option to print receipts
  • Online Help
  • Works on mobile devices
  • Can be used with personal hotspots

A web based ticketing system

Ticketing 4 Schools is a web-based application for the sale of event tickets, and check-in to almost any kind of event. It can be used for regular school dances, field trips, libraries, study hall, examination rooms, even detentions! All these are events for which the regular school information system may not be best suited. The application does away with paper tickets, wrist bands, and manual check-in lists. A scanner, reading the barcode on the student ID card, records all activities. Yes – there are provisions for students who lost or forgot their cards! The system keeps a full account of attendance, guards against many kinds of cheating, and provides transaction and summary report data which can be exported or printed. With a crisp, new design this is a vast improvement over our old PC-based software.

Created by Educators

Supporting hundreds of schools nationwide

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  • Allen ISD
  • Andrews ISD
  • Angleton ISD
  • Arlington ISD
  • Bay City ISD
  • Birdville ISD
  • College Station ISD
  • Corpus Christi ISD
  • Dallas ISD
  • Denison ISD
  • Duncanville ISD
  • El Paso ISD
  • Fort Bend ISD
  • Fort Worth ISD
  • Frisco ISD
  • Garland ISD
  • Goose Creek CISD
  • Highland Park ISD
  • Houston ISD
  • Katy ISD
  • Keller ISD
  • Little Cypress Mauriceville CISD
  • Livingston ISD
  • Lovejoy ISD
  • Lubbock-Cooper ISD
  • Lufkin ISD
  • Mabank ISD
  • Mansfield ISD
  • Midland ISD
  • Mission Consolidated
  • Navasota ISD
  • New Waverly ISD
  • Northwest ISD
  • Northside ISD
  • Plano ISD
  • Prosper ISD
  • Rockwall ISD
  • Shepherd ISD
  • San Angelo ISD
  • West Orange Cove CISD
  • Winnsboro ISD
  • Ysleta Independent School District

Thank you a million times over!!! I am not the sharpest guy in the world and sometimes the remote to my cable box baffles me! Your company has been very responsive to EVERY need I have ever had! I can promise you our school will renew our contract every year and if they won't pay for it, I will out of my own pocket!

RonSacred Heart Griffin

How does it works?

Online ticket sales and/or check-in
  • Application is installed on our secure servers
  • We setup and manage the infrastructure
  • Custom link just for your school
  • Updates are free and automatic
  • Annually renewable license with no long-term contract
  • Can use their ID cards to buy tickets and check in to events
  • Students can run the system on your behalf
Teachers / Administrators
  • User friendly: easy-to-learn interface
  • Suite of financial and attendance reports
  • Use scanners to read student ID cards. Fast and easy
  • No paper tickets or check-in lists
  • Any web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox or Safari)
  • Can run from a tablet
  • Please allow up to 24 hours for your site to be setup

About Us

Leading the way in the scanning revolution Ben and Michael, two teachers from Anaheim, started marketing their solution for the fast sale of dance tickets over 10 years ago. The response from some schools was “Can we also use this to scan tardies?” So we thought about this and came out with a rather poor PC version of what it could look like. No matter that many schools liked it we knew we could do better. And we have!

June 2018 marks the launch of a totally re-engineered product, Discipline 4 Schools. It’s dedicated to doing one thing really well: rapidly recording the thousands of oft-repeated infractions that get faculty and administration bogged down as they try to track who did what, and when, and follow up on the consequences.

Of course, we now have many other tools in the box including Voting 4 Schools, Store 4 Schools, Ticketing 4 Schools, and the well-loved legacy application – Announcements 4 Schools. You can find these all here.