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One of the best events for any school is a school dance. It’s a phenomenal way to bring teachers, students, and parents together. However, you can also raise funds, broaden the school community, advertise your school, sell merchandise, and ensure your students remain fit and healthy. 

However, organizing the best school dance isn’t always straightforward—especially if you’re inviting parents to the event. Still, the last thing you want is disappointed parents and students. 

Here are 6 ways to create the best school dances at your school:

  1. Create a Committee 

The first step to making the best school dance is by forming a committee. Your school may already have a committee for school dances, but you should create one if not. You only require between 5 and 10 volunteers. After that, select one person to lead the committee. 

The committee should communicate with teachers at all times. They can determine the budget for the dance and decide how many people can attend. Then, you can use school dance ticket software to monitor ticket sales. 

  1. Plan The Big Stuff

Before you can start your school dance, you need to create a master plan for all the big stuff. Firstly, you need to set a date. Check the school calendar and find a date that works best for students, teachers, and parents. Always be wary of planning a school dance on the night of a big sporting event because your attendance will drop. 

After that, it’s time to plan the venue. Be sure to host the school dance in the perfect location, even if it doesn’t have a dance floor. You can always rent a dance floor for the night. Most importantly, select a venue that can hold vast numbers of people. Then, use school dance ticket software to monitor numbers. 

  1. Choose a Theme 

Every school dance needs to have an excellent theme. You could tailor the theme towards current times and events. Either way, it has to appeal to students and parents. Come up with some good ideas within the committee and select the best ones. You could pick a Christmas theme if it’s near the holiday period; that’ll attract large numbers through online event management ticketing services. 

  1. Plan Refreshments and Entertainment

There are two crucial things all school dances require: refreshments and entertainment. You can help keep energy and spirits high by offering plenty of excellent drinks and snacks. What’s more, you can hire a DJ to play music in the background. Although most people will come for the school dance, any additional entertainment is a bonus that’ll round your event off.

  1. Promote the School Dance 

You must use social media and digital marketing tactics to promote your event. The sooner you sell your tickets—the more people are likely to come. Don’t be afraid to tell parents about the school dance when they collect their children. Word of mouth is everything for attracting large crowds. 

  1. Use an Online Ticketing Service 

Once you’ve planned your entire school dance, you need to fix your ticketing strategy. You can do this by using school dance ticket software. It will help you know how many will attend, hire the best security, and monitor costs. Your school dance can become significantly more challenging when you don’t plan your tickets via online event management ticketing services. 

Final Thoughts 

It’s hard to find a better event than a school dance. However, you must use an online ticketing service to ensure everything runs smoothly. At Ticketing4schools, we can help with that. 

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