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Online Ticketing portal

It’s been a while since computers first made their way into schools, but they’ve been steadily taking over many of the things we used to do with pen and paper. 

Perhaps it’s time to make the switch from paper tickets and wrist bands to online ticketing, and here’s why:

1. It’s More Convenient

Any parent who has ever sent money to school to buy tickets for an event, only to find it a month later in the bottom of a school bag knows that’s not the best system. 

Online ticketing for schools makes it easy for parents and other family members to log in and buy their own tickets – so they’re sure they get a good seat! 

2. It’s Easier for Your Team

Trying to keep track of who has ordered tickets, who has paid money and who still owes what is a huge job for your teachers. They’re already doing so much! It’s a lot easier to simply let the families at your school know that you’re selling tickets online and let them get the job done themselves.

3. No More Bank Runs! 

Of course, when you’re collecting cash in small increments, you’re going to have bags full to deposit into the school account every day. Which means someone will have to make the trip to deposit it. 

Online ticketing for schools means the money goes directly into your account, so it’s easy to keep track of it and ensure it’s safely in the bank. 

4. No Mistakes

No matter how hard you try to keep track of everyone’s ticket orders, there are going to be some mistakes when you’re doing it all manually. 

Online ticketing means there won’t be any mistakes because the families at your school can create and manage their own account. So you don’t have to remember who ordered what, or whether they’ve got their tickets. 

5. No Lost Tickets Either

Online ticketing for schools allows families to have digital access to their tickets whenever they need to print a copy – or show it to someone at the door. Which means there’s no chance they’ll lose tickets and leave your staff scrambling to confirm that they do have tickets after all. 

6. Great for Extended Family

Sometimes, it’s not just your immediate family that want to attend an event. Often, extended family members like grandma and grandpa or aunts and uncles want to attend too. Online ticketing for schools makes it easy for people – even those that live out of town – to get tickets to your big events. 

7. Accurate Tracking of Attendance Numbers

Finally, when you use online ticketing for schools, you will have detailed information about how many people are expected to attend. This helps to ensure that you don’t book too many chairs, or over cater the event, but also that you have enough of everything for the people you expect. 

Online ticketing for schools can make hosting a dance, sporting event or even a school carnival a whole lot easier for everyone. So before your next big event, consider it, and book a free demo.