Planning any school event is a huge job. First, you have to decide what kind of event you want to host. Then, you need to decide on a budget and what you want to charge per ticket. 

Then there’s food and drinks to consider, décor, and of course, clean up after the event. Even if you get students involved, it’s a lot of work! But the work doesn’t end when the doors open for the event. You should still be sure to check in students, and here’s why. 

1. To Keep Track of Who Is Present

No one wants to think about something terrible happening during a school event, but there’s always a small chance there might be an emergency. Having an accurate list from when you check-in students can help to ensure that everyone is accounted for if something goes wrong. 

2. In Case Parents Are Looking for Their Children

Sometimes, parents need to speak to their children while they’re attending a school event. Making sure that you check in students properly means that you can tell them immediately if their child is in attendance or not. 

3. If You’re Running a Contest

Often, school events will include some type of contest, and entry is often tied to event tickets. However, there’s no way of knowing for sure who is present based on ticket sales alone. When you check-in students, you know exactly who is actually at the event – not only who has bought tickets! 

4. So You Can Ask Why Some Didn’t Attend

Sometimes, students don’t attend events they’ve bought tickets for because of a simple reason. 

Maybe they didn’t have a ride to the school. Or perhaps they or someone in their family had to go to the hospital or got sick. 

However, sometimes, students not attending events might mean they have trouble at home. When you check-in students to your events, you know who didn’t attend. So you can quietly observe if there are any visible signs of trouble or have a conversation about what made them miss the event. 

5. To Calculate Your Profit

When you host a school event, not all of your profits come from ticket sales. Often, other things like photograph sales, food and beverages, or memorabilia add to the fundraising opportunities. 

When you check-in students, you know exactly how many people attended, so you can calculate how much profit was made per student. You will also be able to gauge if you over or under-ordered refreshments and other items. Which will help you to plan better the next time you have a similar event. 

A Quick and Easy Way to Check-in Students Online

If you use to sell tickets to your school events, you can also check in students easily online. Simply arm your door team with a tablet or two, and they can mark everyone who attends present in seconds. This means less time in lineups and more time for everyone to have fun!