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Tickets for school events

Most schools host events from time to time. Sometimes it’s a school play, sometimes it’s a dance, and sometimes it’s something that involves the surrounding community, such as a fundraising event. 

No matter what kind of event you’re planning, there are some tips you can use to manage ticket sales more effectively. Here are some easy-to-use ideas. 

Know Your Capacity! 

There are several things that will affect the number of tickets for school events that can be sold. Often, it’s dictated by the capacity of the space the event is being held in and what local fire codes are. 

Or maybe it’s simply limited by the number of available seats. 

Whatever determines the capacity for your event, be sure that you know what it is before you start selling tickets! 

Start Selling Early

Sometimes, you think that you’re going to sell out for a school event quickly, and it doesn’t happen. Other times, you think people will be slow to buy, and you have no tickets left within days. 

Obviously, the latter is the better scenario! Regardless, however, it’s a good idea to start selling tickets for school events early so that you can plan accordingly. If demand is high, you can always add another night to the concert run or find a new venue with greater capacity. 

Place Limits On Early Ticket Sales

As much as you want to sell out of tickets for school events, you also need to remember that some families might not be able to buy their tickets as soon as they become available. So try to limit how many tickets can be purchased early in the sales process, and then if there are tickets left, offer them to families who might want additional tickets for the event. 

Have Options for Low-Income Families

There’s nothing worse than being the only kid that doesn’t get to go to a big school event. So when you’re selling tickets for school events, offer an option for those that might need a little help. Make sure it’s discrete and easy to access too. Kids can be cruel, and if their classmates find out they received donated or lower price tickets, they might face teasing or worse. 

Start Selling Tickets Online

Finally, if you’re planning on selling tickets for school events and you want to avoid the mess and waste of printed tickets, consider taking your ticket sales online. 

There are easy-to-use online ticketing systems for school events that allow you to track sales in real-time, get paid immediately, and avoid wasting all that paper and printing on physical tickets. The families in your school also can’t lose their tickets, and it’s easy to order them online from their home or office, so they don’t have to send cash to school. 

It’s easy to use, affordable, and more convenient for everyone involved. So take your event ticketing into the new millennium so you have more time to focus on all the other issues related to hosting a school event.