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No one really wants to think about security needs at schools, but there’s no denying that it’s a concern and one that isn’t going away soon. 

There are no easy solutions to the escalating need for improved security at schools, but one way to make sure everyone is safer is to have a check in check out system for students. Here’s how they work and why they improve security in schools and other educational facilities. 

How Do Check In and Check Out Systems Work?

Check in and check out systems for schools work a lot like clock card systems for employees – although they’re online. They can be used to check students in and out for nearly any kind of event, for field trips, or for nearly anything else you can think of, and it’s quick, easy and accurate. 

The best kinds of check in and check out systems use a barcode on each student’s student card, so you can be sure only one person checks in with each card, and you know exactly who is at any event or on your school premises. 

These kinds of systems also ensure that only students who have a scannable card will be able to get into any event or for any other reason you choose to use the system. So you never have to worry about people who don’t attend the school sneaking into your events. 

Why Should You Know Who Is Present?

There are many reasons why you might want to know who is present at an event, field trip or assembly. 

One reason is to cross-reference and check attendance, so you can make sure all the people who should be there are. 

Another reason is in case something goes wrong. Anything from vehicle trouble on a field trip to an emergency inside the school might require emergency services to be able to access attendance information. A check in check out system for students ensures that’s possible. When it’s all done online, it’s also available in real-time, from anywhere. 

Check Up On Missing Students

If you know who you are expecting at an event or field trip, or who should be in school or an assembly, and they’re not all there, you can start calling parents to make sure there aren’t any serious problems you should know about. 

A check-in check out system for students lets you know, in real-time, who is where they should be, and who is not. These days, that kind of information is essential, and the more information you can have at your fingertips, the better. 

Quick and Easy to Use

Many schools struggle to take old-fashioned attendance for anything other than regular classes, and that’s understandable. When you have hundreds or thousands of students to keep track of, an old-fashioned attendance book doesn’t quite work! 

However, with a fully digital online system that only requires you to scan student cards, it’s quick and easy to ensure that you are always on top of which students are present and accounted for.